„You can demand a great deal from us –
from a professional and human perspective.“

We offer a value added to you.

Welcome to the Baryon website.

Even though the personal discussion between individuals will continue to be the basis of our business, we would like to use our website for a short overview of Baryon and the services we offer.

As an independent, experienced and strategic-thinking company we concentrate on the three practice areas: asset management, tax advisory and management and legal consulting. The close collaboration between these practice areas as well as the Baryon network of experts in Switzerland and abroad, provide first-class customised solutions to our private and institutional clients.

Our business areas are symbolised by the Athenian tetradrachma. The nature of the Athena and the owl represent the goals of Baryon from a professional and human perspective. Our solutions represent the individuality of our clients.

We thank you for your interest and are looking forward to hearing from you.

Martin Wipfli
Founder and Managing Partner

Last Changed November 29, 2018