„Mid and small cap stocks as suitable components of the stock selection.“

We never forget the details while keeping focused on the big picture.

While focused on the big picture we never forget the details. When we develop our investment strategy we listen to the music of the market and are not impressed by short-term market noise.

We are convinced that a company must have the financial capacity to take advantage of the latest technology developments and globalisation challenges. Therefore, reliable and sustainable business models, strong position in growing markets as well as the possibility of generating a high amount of free cash flows are the key factors when evaluating investments in stocks.

The overall investors behaviour towards risky investments determine a substantial part of the price movements of listed companies. We take account of this fact by applying an active investment approach and taking advantage of arising opportunities – provided the clients’ approval also by using derivatives.

The market psychology plays a minor role with smaller companies. Companies of this market segment are often distinguished by an attractive differentiation strategy and quite often could be find in global important niches with high margins. We add these niche stocks to the core stocks of high market capitalised companies.

We have developed our own investment tools for the fundamental evaluation of the investments to put on our selection list and for the right timing of investment decisions. We use our investment tools with discipline and without compromises.



Last Changed May 18, 2017