The Baryon logo is the Athenian silver coin (tetradrachma) representing the beginnings of the monetary system. The use of money gave business a measurement system.

The reforms of the great Greek statesman Solon caused him to be recognized as the initiator of the monetary economy. In 594/3 BC, he was the first to emboss the head of Athena onto coins previously decorated with an owl on one side only. This was the first time that a coin was seen with the head of a God on one side and artistically embellished on the reverse. This started a design trend which survives to this day: A head on the front side and a coat of arms on the reverse.

The use of Athena, not previously seen in human form, as ruler and protector of the people of Athens made the Athenian tetradrachma a historical milestone.

muenze_athenaThe coin shows the helmeted head of Athena on the front side. The God of the city, Athena is both the God of war and the messenger of culture. With her blazing eyes and shining wisdom, a heroin’s courage and determined drive, she brings together intelligence and the ability to comprehend and organize things around her.

muenze_euleOn the reverse is an owl, the mascot of Athena and also the city of Athens, presented in Quadratum incusum. An olive branch and the first letters of the city complete the image. The owl stands for wisdom and is able to see in the dark.

Last Changed September 22, 2016